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  1. A given name, pet form of Henry and Harry.

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HAL or Hal may refer to:


Hal is a short form of the English name Harold or Henry.


  • Ultra Hal Assistant, an artificial intelligence assistant made by Zabaware
  • HAL/S, the computer language used to program the space shuttle's computers
  • Hardware abstraction layer, a layer of software that hides hardware differences from higher level programs
  • HAL (software), a software project for Linux and FreeBSD that allows hardware to be located and used regardless of bus or device type



  • HAL 9000, a fictional computer in the Space Odyssey series
  • HΛL, a group of Japanese music arrangers
  • HAL 5, an electrically powered exoskeleton suit
  • Hal (band), from Ireland
  • Hal (coyote), a coyote who wandered into New York City in 2006
  • Hyundai A-League, an Australian professional association football league
  • Hyper Articles en Ligne, a French online research archive from the French research council CNRS
  • Hal, the French name for Halle, Belgium
  • CHNS-FM, aka HAL-FM, a classic rock station in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Hyperspace Analogue to Language (HAL), a semantic memory model
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